EPC Project at Volgograd Refinery Completed by SST Energomontazh

EPC Project at Volgograd Refinery Completed by SST Energomontazh

Safeguarding the Environment

Active phase of the implementation of environmental standards for greenhouse gas emissions began in Europe, US, and Japan in parallel with the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol more than 20 years ago. Since then, the environmental standards of fuel quality have been consistently tightened — by a factor of 7 to 14 based on individual parameters.

Russia completed the 20-year long European path to more environmentally friendly fuels in just a few years. This was made possible thanks to significant investments in the technological upgrade of Russian oil refineries. This progress is one of the central achievements in the struggle against global warming and unfavorable environmental conditions, especially in large cities. LUKOIL was the leader and pioneer in this area.

In 2016, with the commissioning of a hydrocracking plant at its Volgograd Refinery, LUKOIL completed the program aimed at retrofitting its four refineries in Russia. A hydrocracking plant is the core of the vacuum gas oil deep conversion facility, which also includes a combined sulfur plant and a hydrogen plant. This allowed the company not only to start the production of Euro 5 gasoline and diesel fuels, but also to significantly increase the output of high-quality motor fuels while simultaneously reducing the fuel oil yield.

The hydrocracking plant’s capacity is 3.5 million tons, the conversion degree is 75 % (diesel, gasoline, hydrocarbon gases). Over 3 million tons of the oil refinery’s output is shipped via the oil product pipeline operated by Transneft.

Electric Heating Cable System

SST Energomontazh successfully installed electric heating cable solutions at the following units of the Volgograd hydrocracking plant:

  • diesel fuel tank farm, including the pump station,
  • diesel fuel pumping line,
  • a system for collecting and cleaning the effluents from the crude desalter unit,
  • physical and mechanical treatment unit,
  • treated effluent pump station.

SST Energomontazh was brought in as an EPC contractor with the responsibility for a turn-key electric heating cable system. 29.4 km of self-regulating cables, 27 km of power and control cables, 13 control cabinets were designed and successfully delivered. The combined rated power of the system is 484 kW. As part of the EPC contract, the necessary construction was carried out and the electric heating system was installed and commissioned.

SST Energomontazh has carried out more than 10,000 industrial heat tracing projects in Russia and abroad, including some major oil refineries. Electric heating systems in operation include LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez, Ust-Luga site, Moscow Refinery, LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez, and many others.

Electric heating cable systems support uninterrupted operation of oil refineries. They are used to prevent pipelines and process equipment from freezing and to maintain the desired temperature of petroleum products during storage in tanks. High-temperature heating cables designed for operation at up to 250 ˚C are the most common cable type. Fluoroplastic sheath makes the cable resistant to the corrosive action of liquid and vaporized chemicals. Self-regulating heating cables by SST Group are approved for operation in hazardous areas, as evidenced by Russian and international certificates, including IECEx, ATEX, VDE etc.