Electric Heating at Kirinskoye Field: State of the Art Offshore Development Technology

Electric Heating at Kirinskoye Field: State of the Art Offshore Development Technology

Kirinskoye is Gazprom’s key hydrocarbon field within the framework of the Sakhalin-3 Project for natural gas supply to the Russian Far East and the Asia-Pacific region. Its initial C1 reserves are estimated at 162.5 billion cub m of gas and 19.1 million tons of gas condensate, while the design annual capacity is 5.5 billion cub m of gas. The hydrocarbon production project is operated by Gazprom.

The launch of the field was preceded by a large-scale development in 2011-2013 of the offshore and onshore infrastructure. For the construction of the wells, Gazprom’s new semi-submersible drilling rig was used — the 40-story high Polar Star. The field is equipped with the latest technology, including the electric heating solutions by SST Group.

For the Kirinskoye project, SST Group supplied 45 km of heating cables of various types: self-regulating cables NTR, VTS, and VTH and resistive cables SNF. The combined power output of the heating system is 1400 kW.

The onshore process facility at the Kirinskoye Field routinely gets exposed to subzero temperatures and snow blizzards. Solutions by SST Group provide non-stop operation of the process equipment and frost protection of the facility’s infrastructure.

Electric heating systems are installed on the integrated gas treatment unit (IGTU), where the hydrocarbons coming from the well are converted into salable commodities — gas and gas condensate. The solutions by SST Group also make possible the year-round operation of the industrial site, including the underwater production unit and gas condensate metering control stations, sewage treatment plants, and water intake system.

The design work started in 2011, the implementation of the entire project took three years.

Most of the cable products delivery scope to the Kirinskoye Field — 32 out of 45 km — is self-regulating cables. SST Group was the first in Russia to launch the full-cycle production of self-regulating cables. Self-regulating cables by SST Group comply with stringent safety requirements, as evidenced by Russian and international certificates, and are the most energy-efficient solution for heating pipelines and process equipment in harsh climates. A unique feature of the self-regulating cable is its ability to automatically adjust the thermal output depending on weather conditions.

SST Group, founded in 1991, is a world leader in the development of comprehensive solutions for industrial electric heating, safe urban environment, and comfortable indoor environment. SST Group is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of cable heating systems. The Group develops innovative solutions for the oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction, transportation, and other industries. Products and solutions by SST Group are operated in 60 countries around the world.