Electric Heating at Nord Stream-2 Main Compressor Station

Electric Heating at Nord Stream-2 Main Compressor Station

Nord Stream-2 is a multinational project led by PJSC Gazprom for the construction of a new subsea trunk pipeline through the Baltic Sea to the German coast. The pipeline’s two strings will directly connect natural gas fields in Russia with European consumers.

The starting point of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be the Slavyanskaya compressor station in Kingisepp District of Russia’s Leningrad Region. The facility is meant to strengthen and expand the natural gas transportation capacity of the integrated gas supply system in the North-West Region of Russia. The ultimate goal of the project is to feed 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually to Nord Stream 2 and to deliver up to 3.4 billion cubic meters annually to households in the North-West Federal District of Russia.

State-of-the-art technology installed at Slavyanskaya will ensure that the gas satisfies the required pressure and dehydration specifications for further delivery via the subsea gas transportation system. To implement this large-scale and complex project, Gazprom has brought together several thousand highly-qualified engineers and technicians. The harsh environmental conditions required the use of electric heating technology.

SST Group won the tender for the supply of electric heating systems for the gas pre-treatment unit (GPTU) at the Slavyanskaya compressor station, designed and supplied by PJSC OMZ. Presently, 35.5 km of self-regulating explosion-proof cables of the types HTR, BTC, BTX with a combined thermal output of 685 kW is being installed on the project site.

SST Group will deliver energy-efficient electric heating solutions for the gas condensate stabilization unit, process pipe rack, site utility networks, drainage systems (closed-loop and emergency), heat-transfer liquid units and expansion tank, flash gas burning, gas condensate stabilization, output and input filtration units and adsorbers.

Self-regulating cables installed at the Slavyanskaya compressor station were manufactured by SST Group at Russia’s first full-cycle plant. The cable products are certified for compliance to global standards, including ATEX, IECEx, VDE.

Self-regulating cables are the most energy-efficient solution for the heating of branched pipelines and process equipment operated in harsh climates. Self-regulation is achieved though the ability of the cable’s electrically conductive polymer matrix to adjust its thermal output depending on weather conditions.

SST Group is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of electric heating systems. Products and solutions by SST Group are available throughout Russia and are exported to 60 markets worldwide. The company’s portfolio encompasses more than 20,000 projects, including Yamal LNG, the Novoportovskoye field, the Power of Siberia and Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean trunk pipelines. SST Group designs integrated solutions and offers a full cycle of services on the project site.