Heat Tracing System Based on Skin-Effect by OKB Gamma Now ATEX Certified

Heat Tracing System Based on Skin-Effect by OKB Gamma Now ATEX Certified

OKB Gamma (part of SST Group) obtained the first ATEX certificate for its Classic line of self-regulating cables back in December 2017. In June 2018, the independent certification body DEKRA Certification issued another ATEX certificate for the heat tracing system based on skin-effect IRHS-15000 as an EU-wide safety confirmation of the system when installed in explosive atmospheres to maintain the temperature of the transported substance and for freeze protection and startup heating of extra-long pipelines.

The inductive-resistance heating system by OKB Gamma is the only technology capable of heating 60 km of pipeline with power connection at one end or a pipeline of any length if an auxiliary power supply main is available. The solution is suitable for ground, underground, and underwater installation. Only four companies in the world possess the technology to design and manufacture electric heat tracing systems based on skin-effect. Such systems are manufactured in Japan, USA, and Russia.

SST Group is the only Russian manufacturer of heat tracing systems based on skin-effect. Dozens of industrial sites, both in Russia and abroad, have heating systems based on skin-effect manufactured and supplied by SST Group. The combined length of pipelines heated by SST skin-effect systems exceeds 1,000 km. Some of the major projects are Kumho Mitsui chemical plant in Korea, Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited oil terminal in the UAE, Kharyaga, Bovanenkovo, and Vankor oil fields, Taman oil terminal, and the trunk oil pipeline Zapolyarye-Purpe — in Russia.

The heating element of IRHS-15000 is mounted directly onto the pipeline and is composed of a steel tube with an insulated copper or aluminum conductor inside. At the end of the heating segment, the conductor is electrically connected to the tube, and at the beginning of the segment, alternating voltage is fed between the pipe and the conductor from a source of power. The currents in the conductor and the tube flow in opposite directions, giving rise to the proximity effect and the skin-effect in the system.

Because of its design, the inductive-resistance system by OKB Gamma has high operating temperatures (up to 200 °C), simple installation, high mechanical strength and electrical safety. The outer surface of the heating element is grounded and has zero potential relative to the ground. The safety of IRHS-15000 in explosive environments is confirmed by certificates of compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and by the Russian Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision. ATEX certificate # DEKRA 18ATEX033 X is further evidence of the high explosion safety of the system based on the skin-effect by OKB Gamma.

ATEX are EU directives containing requirements to equipment and operations in potentially explosive environments and aimed at protecting human life and health. The certificate allows the CE marking and the explosion-proof marking to be affixed to a product.

DEKRA Certification is a leading international audit and certification company in quality, health, safety, and environment. DEKRA specializes in management system audit, as well as testing, facility inspection, and product certification.