Electric Heating Cable Solutions for Chayanda Oil & Gas Condensate Field

Electric Heating Cable Solutions for Chayanda Oil & Gas Condensate Field

Chayanda field, with its unparalleled gas reserves and major oil reserves, is located in Leninsky District of Yakutia and is the part of the resource portfolio underlying one of Gazprom’s leading projects — natural gas pipeline The Power of Siberia. Chayanda reserves are estimated at 1.4 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 76.7 million tons of oil and condensate. In addition, the natural gas contains a considerable fraction of the valuable helium gas, which will be recovered on-site using the membrane technology. Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk LLC is the contractor responsible for the field infrastructure development at Chayanda.

The Power of Siberia pipeline with a combined length of 3,000 km is being built by Gazprom as part of a contract signed in 2014 with the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), according to which the produced natural gas will be exported to China. In addition, the project provides for natural gas infrastructure development in Lena, Olekma, Aldan, and Neryungri Districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). About 25 billion cubic meters of gas will be produced annually at Chayanda.

From a bird’s eye view, Chayanda resembles an island, lost in the endless taiga forest. The area is known for its harsh climate. Winter is six to nine months long, from October to April. In winter, temperatures drops to minus 70 °C. Without modern technology and heating systems, building an industry site in a location like that is challenging.

For the development of Chayanda field, SST Group supplied 555 km of heating cables of various types — self-regulating and series-resistance. The combined power output of the cables was 6500 kW. Pipelines 49 km long are heated by systems based on skin-effect with a combined capacity of 1000 kW.

Design and delivery of the electric heating cable systems has since 2015 been the responsibility of the engineering company SST Energomontazh, part of SST Group.

“The development of Chayanda field began with building the oil field infrastructure in the oil rim of the Botuob deposit — heating solutions for the oil treatment plant and oil well clusters were supplied for this purpose,” commented Anton Postnikov, Commercial Director at SST Energomontazh.

The electric heating cable systems by SST Group protect the gas pre-treatment unit (UPPG-2), the integrated gas treatment unit (UKPG-3), and the helium concentrate membrane recovery unit (UMVGK) from freezing. Solutions by SST Group also support year-round operation of the water intake system and sewage treatment plants.

For 28 years, SST Group has been designing electric heating cable solutions for industrial sites in Siberia and the Far East, including Kharyaga, Bovanenkovo, and Vankor oil and gas fields.

SST Group has implemented and certified a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015. The industrial electric heating systems by SST Group comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IEC Ex). SST Group also holds ATEX and VDE certificates. SST Group is the only Russian manufacturer of electric heating cable systems based on skin-effect, as evidenced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.