IRSH-15000 System for Heating 41 km of Taz Oil Pipeline

The Taz Oil field is located in Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, 525 km north-east of the region's administrative capital, the city of Salekhard. At the time of its discovery in 1962, it surpassed all known oil fields in Western Siberia in terms of natural gas reserves. Initial natural gas in place is estimated at 186 billion cubic meters, initial oil in place at 438 million tons. 

Initially, the Taz Oil Field was not developed commercially, acting as a source of natural gas for nearby residential communities. It was redeveloped in 2017, after acquisition by Gazprom Neft. As early as in beginning of 2018, the construction of four production wells was completed. In 2019, full-scale development was launched on the site. Commissioning and commercial development of the field's hydrocarbons began in 2020. In total, the development project envisages the construction of 132 oil and 10 natural gas wells.

Hydrocarbon production at the Taz Oil Field has multiple challenges. The oil here has high density, therefore is thick and difficult to extract. For its transportation, an electric heating system is used, which has proven its high performance.

SST Group, a global leader in electric heating cable and heat tracing solutions for industry, offers a wide range of solutions for numerous applications. In heating trunk oil pipelines, skin effect-based systems perform best. The advantages of this technology include a heated segment length of up to 60 km without supply network, electrical safety, low material intensity, mechanical strength, operating temperatures up to +260 °C, and energy efficiency.

The skin effect-based system IRSH-15000 was chosen as the optimal solution for heating the Taz oil pipeline 41 km long with a pipe diameter of 27.3 cm. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that the heated pipeline is aboveground with an underground section at the river crossing point. The length of the underground section is 670 meters.

The electric heating system by SST Group maintains the set process temperature in the oil pipeline at +30 °C, making it possible to transport hard-to-extract crude oil under any climatic conditions over long distances. Over 1000 km of pipelines in Russia and globally are heated by skin effect-based systems.

SST Group offers a full range of services involved in fitting pipelines at oil and gas facilities with skin effect-based systems, including installation, supervised installation, commissioning, and maintenance. The safety of IRSH-15000 when operated in hazardous areas is evidenced by the international certificates, including ATEX and IECEx.