Novy Port Oil Field in the Arctic

Novy Port Oil Field in the Arctic

Novy Port field is one of the largest projects completed by SST Energomontazh for PJSC Gazprom. The engineering company was responsible for design and supply of electric heating systems based on self-regulating cables, SNF cables, systems based on skin-effect, and longline systems. At present, SST Energomontazh engineers are performing supervised installation and commissioning on site.

In total, 173 km of self-regulating heating cables manufactured by SST Group, 24 km of SNF series-resistant cables, and 133 control cabinets were supplied for the Novy Port project. The project encompasses four systems based on skin-effect (IRSH-15000), the longest of which heats a 103 km oil pipeline from the field to Cape Kamenny, where the Arctic Gate Terminal is located.

There are only four manufacturers of systems based on skin-effect worldwide, and SST Group is one of them. The operating principle of the IRSH-15000 system is based on the surface (skin) effect arising in a ferromagnetic conductor when commercial frequency (50 Hz) alternating current is fed.

The IRSH-15000 system is designed for heating up, maintaining set temperatures, and frost protection of trunk pipelines up to 60 km long without an auxiliary power network. In total, 160 km of oil and water pipelines are heated at the Novy Port oil field using skin-effect-based solutions designed by SST Energomontazh. The combined installed power of the systems is 4428 kVA.

Another innovation by SST Group, which has been implemented at the Novy Port field, is a longline system based on LLS cables. The three-phase series-resistant heating cable is designed to prevent freezing and maintain set temperatures in medium-length pipelines, including those in explosion hazardous areas. The heating cable is composed of three parallel heating cores of copper wire insulated by silicone rubber, covered by a tinned copper wire armor and a silicone rubber jacket. A longline system based on LLS cables is installed on a 21 cm water pipe 2.3 km long at the Novy Port metering station.

SST Energomontazh was awarded the contract to design, supply and commission cable-based electric heating systems for the oil field’s pipelines and tanks thanks to many years of experience in developing and implementing state-of-the-art engineering solutions in the field of electric heating, high quality products, in-house innovative production facilities, comprehensive support and maintenance services, and high professionalism of its team.

SST Energomontazh’s engineers have completed over 20,000 industrial electric heating projects for major Russian and international oil and gas companies such as Gazprom, NOVATEK, Rosneft, LUKOIL, Transneft, Total, etc.

The Novy Port field, located in Yamal District, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, is classified as a major one in terms of reserves: C1 and C2 recoverable reserves are estimated at 250 m tons of oil and gas condensate and more than 320 bn cubic meters of natural gas. Natural gas production began back in 1964, and full-scale oil production was launched in 2014.

Novy Port crude produced at the field is low in sulfur (0.1 %) and thus classified as light crude. The oil is shipped to Europe via the Northern Sea Route by oil tankers from the Arctic Gate Terminal.