A Smart Solution to Winter Challenges: SST Group Unveils the Ice Patrol Urban Platform

A Smart Solution to Winter Challenges: SST Group Unveils the Ice Patrol Urban Platform

For more than 25 years, SST Group has been working on making safer the urban environment. The Group develops and manufactures electric heating cable-based systems for the heating of roofs, gutters, open spaces, stairs, ramps. Solutions by SST Group are installed in thousands of structures, including Russian national landmarks such as the Bolshoi Theater, Kazan Kremlin, State Duma, Zaryadye Park, Moscow City Hall, Central Bank, State Historical Museum, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, and others.

Taking into account the digitalization process embraced by Russia’s cities, SST Group, a major Russian manufacturer of electric heating solutions, has developed the concept of the digital platform Ice Patrol, comprising a new-generation de-icing system and an IT platform. This solution by SST Group will improve local quality of life, reduce injuries and fatal accidents by adding the platform’s software and technology to the digital urban management system.

“SST Group offers city authorities a smart solution to winter challenges — an IT platform and de-icing system based on a new generation heating element to protect infrastructure and nonresidential buildings from ice and icicles. We suggest starting the digitalization of the urban ice and icicle protection systems from busy streets and city spaces by installing de-icing systems on the facades and in the pedestrian areas. In the future, property owners may decide to install the system on the roofs and gutters overlooking the courtyards,” commented Valery Tyulyukanov, CEO of OKB Gamma, part of SST Group.

The Smart Block

The IT platform Ice Patrol integrates with other urban platforms and services and supports automatic control of the de-icing system. The autonomous monitoring system is based on sensor readings and integrated data from other sources. The main inputs are the readings from temperature and precipitation sensors. Additional sources may include inputs from urban video surveillance cameras, mobile cameras and sensors.

The use of the electric heating system Ice Patrol allows to protect people and vehicles from falling icicles and ice blocks, increase the service life of the roof and gutters, reduce the roof maintenance costs, and reduce the stress on the facades.

Components of the de-icing system by SST Group are installed on the facade side of roofs of residential or nonresidential buildings, in gutters, where rainwater from downpipes enters storm sewers, underground crosswalks, under public transit stops, on sidewalks, in places most susceptible to ice formation, at the entrances and stairs to public areas located on the first and ground floors of buildings. The system can also be installed in the roofs and gutters facing courtyards.

A New Generation Heating Element

At the heart of the innovative exterior heating system by SST Group is a tamper-resistant heating element designed for installation in drainage systems. In winter, it provides unobstructed removal of melt water from the roof. The solution is compatible with any roof type, including soft and inverted roofs. The system is also suitable for installation in ready-built structures.

The heating element’s design allows to control heat generation depending on the ambient conditions and temperature and never overheats, which improves the system’s safety and reliability.

Special metal protective sheath provides enhanced mechanical protection and extended service life.

Compared to conventional heating cables, the new generation heating element developed by SST Group has an increased heat transfer area, meaning more efficient heat removal into the environment, resulting in up to 30 % lower energy costs.

SST Group is a major global manufacturer of industrial and domestic electric heating solutions exporting its products to 50 countries globally. The company has completed over 10,000 electric heating projects at industrial and infrastructure sites.