SST Energomontazh Accredited by Global EPC Contractors

SST Energomontazh Accredited by Global EPC Contractors

To do business with leading global oil and gas and petrochemical corporations, a potential service provider or technology supplier is required to go through a selection procedure known as vendor listing. Major EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors, acting as prime contractors in turnkey projects encompassing everything from design and procurement to construction, maintain their lists of trusted contractors. To become listed, a contractor is required to disclose certain information about its operations and undergo an audit, thus proving the high quality of its products or services.

The vendor listing procedure includes, as a rule, the submission of a prequalification document package composed of background information about the company, its mission and values, organizational structure, financial performance indicators, customers and completed projects, solutions and products, quality management and environmental management systems and other aspects of its business.

The next stage is filling out questionnaires and online registration. After that, if the end customer or the EPC contractor becomes interested, the supplier undergoes an audit. This includes review of relevant documentation and interviews with executives and engineers to evaluate the company in such areas as quality management system, occupational safety, environmental management, design, production processes, supply and logistics, project management, site services and operations, claim management, risk assessment. The audit results in a report containing recommendations for improvement or follow-up questions. In the case of approval, the vendor listing procedure is considered completed.

Engineering company SST Energomontazh, which is part of SST Group, is on the supplier lists of the world’s largest EPC contractors as a trusted supplier of heating systems based on electric heating cables. In 2018 alone, approvals were issued by Linde, Total, Petrofac, WorleyParsons, Novaengineering and others.

Completion of the vendor listing procedure allows SST Energomontazh to take part in international tenders and offer its potential customers complete turnkey solutions in electric heating — from design through delivery to warranty maintenance.

“As a rule, major international companies have more than one dozen suppliers for each product item on their vendor lists and to get the customer interested is a challenge. We successfully handle the challenge by offering commercially attractive export shipment terms, applying innovative technology along with conventional solutions, as well as ensuring the compliance of business processes and quality management methods with international standards,” commented Anton Postnikov, Chief Commercial Officer for SST Energomontazh.

SST Group is Russia’s largest and one of the world’s major manufacturers of industrial electric heating systems. SST Group exports its products to 47 countries. Its 45 000 sq. m manufacturing facilities have an annual production capacity of up to 60 000 km of heating cables, including 100 % Russian-made self-regulating heating cables that are in high demand in the oil and gas industry.

SST Energomontazh engineers have designed and installed more than 10 000 heat tracing projects at upstream, midstream, downstream of oil and gas sector and at infrastructure projects.