SST Energomontazh installed electric cable heating system at Lebedinsky Mine

SST Energomontazh installed electric cable heating system at Lebedinsky Mine

Lebedinsky Mine is one of the largest Russian producers of iron ore. It is located in Gubkin, Belgorod Region. Lebedinsky Mine is part of Metalloinvest, a leading supplier of iron ore and metallized iron products.

Lebedinsky Mine was twice listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Firstly, as the operator of the unique iron ore reserves of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. Secondly, as the operator of the world’s largest open-pit non-fuel minerals mine with a depth of 450 m and a diameter of 5 km.

To support the smooth operation of all its facilities and infrastructure, the mine consumes impressive amounts of energy. An important role in supplying the site with the energy it needs is played by the mine’s largest substation Lebedi-330.

The substation is equipped with the latest technology and features a 200-megavolt ampere transformer complete with grid systems and connections. Lebedi-330 has four such units. The center of the facility is a microprocessor-based automation system, which allows maintenance of the equipment, monitoring, and if necessary, troubleshooting of any malfunction.

Special focus at the electrical substation Lebedi-330 is on fire safety. The facility is equipped with a modern fire extinguishing system, consisting of two tanks of 200 cubic meters of water each.

The outdoor fire tanks store the water supplies necessary in the event of emergency for the safety of the substantion’s personnel, equipment, tangible assets, buildings, and structures. To prevent the water in the tanks from freezing, the engineering company SST Energomontazh (part of SST Group) supplied and installed in the tanks 626 meters of the self-regulating cable HTP with a combined power of 15.8 kW.

The HTP cable is especially designed for explosion-proof industrial facilities, as evidenced by the international certificates ATEX, IECEx, and VDE. Its self-regulating properties improve the system’s efficiency, safety, and reliability. The amount of heat generated by the cable varies in response to changes in ambient temperature, preventing overheating and improving the system’s overall energy efficiency.

SST Group, founded in 1991, is the largest in Russia and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heating cables and electric heating systems. Products and solutions offered by SST Group are available throughout Russia and are exported to 60 countries worldwide. The engineering company SST Energomontazh, part of SST Group, offers a full range ofsolutions and services in the area of industrial heat tracing — from design and installation to warranty maintenance and after-sales service.