Well Heating System Stream Tracer™ by SST Group Won ECO BEST AWARD 2018

Well Heating System Stream Tracer™ by SST Group Won ECO BEST AWARD 2018

The festival gave its attendees an opportunity to learn more about the art of human interaction with the environment. On the day of the event, professional ecologists, public figures, activists, and socially responsible businesses shared at lectures and conferences their knowledge and experience in minimizing the environmental footprint, promoting conscious consumption and nature conservation.

The high point of the festival was the awarding of the winners of ECO BEST AWARD 2018 — an independent community award recognizing the best products and practices in the field of environmental engineering, energy and resource saving. This year, more than thirty organizations became winners of ECO BEST AWARD. In the Innovation of the Year nomination, the winner is the engineering company SST Energomontazh, whose well heating system Stream Tracer™ allows the energy consumption to be reduced by up to 50 %, improving the efficiency and safety of the oil and gas industry.

Stream Tracer™ is a complete solution for the protection of wells from asphaltine-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) that form during the extraction of heavy and viscous oils. SST Group has developed a special flexible heating element featuring zones of increased and reduced power. It is located inside the production tube, heating the incoming fluid to a temperature above the crystallization temperature of paraffins, preventing deposition.

“Development of a well heater design varying power along its length is a challenging engineering task that we have successfully coped with. The result of the project — Stream Tracer™ — is a truly unique solution that helps to significantly reduce energy consumption of the well heating system. We are proud to be the winner of ECO BEST AWARD as it is a recognition of the achievement of our whole team,” commented Valery Tyulyukanov, Chief Operations Officer at SST Energomontazh.