VeLL Heat Tracing System Certified by IECEx as Safe in Explosive Environments

VeLL Heat Tracing System Certified by IECEx as Safe in Explosive Environments

VeLL System by SST Group has been certified by IECEx as safe to operate in explosive environments.

The International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Environments (IECEx System) has confirmed the high level of explosion protection of the VeLL System.

The VeLL (Very Long Line) System is the world’s only commercially available solution for the heating of ultra-long distance pipelines. This is an innovative product developed by SST Group’s R&D center, one of whose core competencies is designing equipment for explosive atmospheres.

The system based on special single-core resistive cables of medium voltage (up to 7.5 kV) allows heating above-ground, underground, and underwater pipelines up to 150 km long without the need for an auxiliary network.

The system was audited for compliance with the stringent IECEx standards for equipment intended for operation in explosive atmospheres by the competent certification center NANIO CCVE, the only in Russia, member countries of the Customs Union, EurAsEC. and the CIS accredited by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

SST Group holds the second place in a global ranking of electric heating systems producer for industrial and household applications and is the only Russian manufacturer holding international certificates for electric heating systems, such as IECEx, VDE, and ATEX.

Explosion-proof solutions for electric heating systems designed and manufactured by SST Group are shipped to 60 global markets, and the company is a trusted vendor of such oil and gas giants as Gazprom, Petrofac, Total, Linde, and others.