Vysotsk LNG Terminal Operates SST Group Heat Tracing Systems

Vysotsk LNG Terminal Operates SST Group Heat Tracing Systems

The terminal in the port of Vysotsk, Leningrad Region, is a complex multi-phased project for the production, storage, and export shipments of liquefied natural gas (LNG), operated by CryoGAS Group. The project is connected to the natural gas pipeline running from St. Petersburg to Vyborg and Russia’s national border.

The LNG terminal in Vysotsk comprises a branch gas pipeline, two liquefaction plants each capable of processing 40 tons of LNG per hour to a combined annual capacity of 660,000 tons, a 42,000 m3 LNG storage tank, as well as the required transport and shipment infrastructure, consisting of an LNG carrier handling facility at the sea berth and a tank truck handling facility.

The project will grow the share of Russian energy on the European markets and improve the environmental status of the Baltic Sea by switching shipping to LNG as bunker fuel.

The project required advanced and locally sourced technology with a high degree of environmental safety and reliability when operated in a marine climate.

SST Energomontazh, part of SST Group, Russia’s largest and one of the world’s major manufacturers of heating cables and industrial heat tracing systems, was awarded the EPC turnkey contract for electric heating systems at the LNG project in Vysotsk. The scope of supply included engineering survey and design, procurement, start-up and commissioning.

SST Group has twenty years of experience in similar projects, including post-warranty maintenance. Its track record includes such major projects as Taman Terminal and Bovanenkovo oil field (both in Russia).

SST Energomontazh was responsible for ensuring the uninterrupted flow of liquefied natural gas by maintaining the optimal process temperature, as well as protecting the terminal’s systems from freezing.

The design of the electric heating systems for the LNG terminal in Vysotsk took 8,500 man-hours. The installation work was completed by four engineers from SST Energomontazh headquarters and a team of twenty technicians. The combined length of the heating cables was 15.6 km. 13 km of power cables and 446 m3 of thermal insulation were used. 10 control cabinets were installed to control the electric heating systems.

For Vysotsk LNG Terminal, cables of the premium series HTP, BTX and BTC by SST Group were specified. The key feature of the series is that these are the only 100 % Russian-made self-regulating cables. The cables form the backbone of the electric heating systems in 16 modular units, tanks, and pipelines.

The project is currently in the completion phase.