Explosion-Proof Cable Gland KBB-R for Armored Cables

Explosion-Proof Cable Gland KBB-R for Armored Cables

Application Areas

  • Explosion hazard zones 0, 1, 2 according to IEC 60079-10-1:2006
  • Explosion hazard zones 20, 21, 22 according to IEC 60079-10-2:2009
Product Datasheet


Explosion proof cable gland KBB-R is used at chemical and petrochemical plants, sea platforms, oil refineries and other industrial units with hazardous atmosphere (gas and explosive dust) potential.

KBB-R is designed for sealing and clamping of armoured cables inside explosion proof electrical enclosures, with indoor or outdoor installation, where explosive atmosphere occurrence is possible.

Cable gland KBB-R is supplied with a full installation set.

Cable gland material: brass, stainless steel.

Internal sealings material: elastomer, silicone.

Cable glands have explosion proof marking with various types of explosion protection: “d” — flameproof enclosure, “e” — increased safety, “t” — protection by enclosures in dust atmospheres.

Technical Data
Dust and moisture protection rating IP66
Explosion protection marking 1Ex d IIC Gb / 1Ex e IIС Gb / 2Ex nR IIС Gb Ex tb IIIC Db
Operating ambient temperature range −60 ... +130 °C
Minimum installation temperature −60 °C
Impact resistance IK08 / 7J

* longer is possible according to a customer’s request.