Junction Boxes for Self-Regulating Heating Cables (3 and More Circuits)



Junction boxes for 3 and more self-regulating heating cables connection are designed for connecting of self-regulating electrical heating cables to the power network* and for the branching of self-regulating heating cables. The box also supports branching of the power cable in utility networks.

The boxes’ models are supplied in 2 installation variants:

  • complete with a pipe installation support stand (UVK) for direct mounting onto the surface of a pipeline or tank;

  • for installation onto a wall, onto nearby metal structure or using a bracket directly onto the pipeline (bracket is supplied separately).

* This junction box is compatible with self-regulating heating cables HTM, HTA, HTP, BTC, BTX, HTB, CTE.

Technical Data
Dust and moisture protection rating IP66
Explosion protection marking Ех еb IIC Т6...Т3 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T85°C... T165°C Db
Temperature group of the explosion hazard area T6
Operating ambient temperature range −60 ... +55 °С
Operating voltage max 550 V
Operating current max 50 A
Enclosure dimensions 122×120×91.5 mm
Total weight (maximum) 2.76 kg
Material Box / Color Glass fiber reinforced polyester / Black
Material Pipe installation support / Color Glass fiber reinforced polyester / Black