Remote Temperature Measurement Module ConTrace AS

Remote Temperature Measurement Module ConTrace AS


  • Connection of 8 temperature sensors
  • Up to 16 blocks can be daisy chained together
  • Up to 128 temperature sensors when scaling the system
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The remote temperature measurement module ConTrace AS is one of the components of the specialized control system for electrical heating ConTrace. Transmission of temperatures data is carried out via RS-485 (Modbus RTU). This makes possible to use the ConTrace AS modules as a part of third-party control systems that support this type of communication.

Using ConTrace AS modules allows for centralized control and transmission values of the temperatures of remote objects, which is particularly effective for a large gathering of measurement points within a radius of 100 m. For each ConTrace AS module up to 8 RTD temperature sensors can be connected. Incoming data from sensors are transferred to the control device by means of only one cable according to the RS-485 standard. At a distance of 1 200 m, up to 16 ConTrace remote temperature measurement devices can be connected in series. This makes it possible to monitor changes in the temperature characteristics of the electrical heating system at 128 points simultaneously.

ConTrace remote temperature measuring devices are fully compatible with each other, which allows the use of ConTrace AS modules installed in control cabinets simultaneously with ConTrace AS-xxx-Ex units located in an explosive area. The ConTrace AS modules can be connected in series with the field units of the remote temperature measurement ConTrace ASxxx-Ex in any order.

  • Connection of 8 temperature sensors
  • Up to 16 blocks can be daisy chained together
  • Up to 128 temperature sensors when scaling the system
  • The maximum distance of the module from the control cabinet to 1 200 m
  • The intrinsically safe circuit
Technical Data
Ex marking [Ex ia m] IIC
Supply voltage 90...245 VAC, 50...60 Hz
Power consumption, max 5 W
Interface RS-485
Communication protocol Modbus RTU
RS-485 interface connection A, B, com
RS-485 communication speed 9 600 ...115 200 bps.
Max length of the RS-485 network segment 1200 m*
Terminal blocks for connections
1. Temperature Sensors
2. Interface cable
Up to 2,5 mm2
The length of the power supply wires 210 mm
The cross section of the supply wires 0,75 mm2
Ground wire length 230 mm
The cross-section of the ground wire 4,0 mm2
Number of temperature measurement channels 8
The resolution of the ADC of the measuring channel 23 bits
Type of sensors See the table “Types of sensors”
Temperature measurement range −100 ... +500 °С
Accuracy of measurements 0,5 °С
Maximum sensor distance from the unit 100 m
Sensor connection circuit Three-wire circuit
Operating temperature range −55 ... +50 °С
Degree of protection IP20
Dimensions (W×H×D), mm 81,4×189,4×64
Weight, g 1 000
Service life Not less than 10 years

* Depends on the selected data rate and the conditions for the protection of the control cable against electromagnetic interference.

  1. Mounting brackets
  2. Mounting screws
  3. The remote temperature measurement module AS
  4. Power wires
  5. Ground wire