Control and Monitoring Modules ConTrace MS

Control and Monitoring Modules ConTrace MS


  • Each MS module is a full-fledged controller
  • Ability to build a multi-channel control system
  • System status monitoring during idle time
Product Datasheet


Control and monitoring modules ConTrace MS1 and MS3 are full-fledged single-channel controllers capable of operating with maximum efficiency as a part of the multichannel specialized control system ConTrace. The control module is designed to control a three-phase or single-phase load using one of the options: an electromagnetic contactor, a solid-state relay or a continuously adjustable device controlled by a voltage of 0...10 V.

Setting and control

Control and monitoring modules ConTrace MS have a two-color OLED-display and navigation buttons. Thanks to the intuitive interface and a sufficient number of indicators and controls on the device itself, each module can be configured from the front panel. The ConTrace MS module can also be configured by connecting a PC or laptop to the USB Type C connector on the front panel of the module. Remote configuration and management of the device is performed via the RS-485 interface.

Monitoring of electrical heating system

The control module continuously measures the operation current, as well as the leakage current in a non-contact manner. In the event that the leakage current exceeds the value set by the operator or the load current exceeds the specified range, an alarm message is output and the load is disconnected. In this case, for the leakage current, a warning value can be set, after which the device will signal an event, but the heating will not be stopped.

Modules ConTrace MS are able to notify the expiration of the resource of individual nodes of the system, according to such parameters as the number of cycles of on-off contactor and the time of operating the heating cable. These values are available for user customization. In addition, the user is provided with information on the total running time of system and operating time of the ConTrace MS module after the last reboot.

The MS module has four digital inputs to monitor the operation of the actuators and receive remote control commands. The module also has a configurable discrete output, triggered by a user-defined scenario.

Emergency interception of control

The function of emergency redundancy of MS modules is realized by the 1+1 principle, i.e. the same MS module is connected to the main MS module via a special connector. The backup module monitors the operation of the main control module and in the event of a failure of the main control module, the standby module intercepts control by itself. Also, a temperature sensor can be connected to the backup module, in which case it will act as a temperature limiter. This significantly increases the reliability of the control system and is applicable for particularly important loads.

  • Each MS module is a full-fledged controller
  • Ability to build a multi-channel control system
  • System status monitoring during idle time
  • Measurement of leakage currents
  • Measurement of operation currents
  • Ability to configure parameters from the module itself, via a connected PC or via RS-485
  • Backup function with interception control
  • Monitoring of external RCD
  • Monitoring the status of the contactor
  • Contactor life meter
  • Running time counter
  • Smooth or discrete load control
  • Universal measuring channel for various types of temperature sensors
  • Intrinsically safe circuits
Technical Data
Ex marking Ex ia IIC
Supply voltage 24 V
Maximum measurable load current 60 А
Power consumption, max 2 W
Interface RS-485
Communication protocol Modbus / RTU
RS-485 interface connection A, B, com
Connectors power supply / interface RS-485 and backup module 8P8C
Cable for power supply / RS-485 interface and a backup module UTP/FTP cat.5
Type of terminal clamps Detachable
Clamping mechanism type of terminal clamps Spring
Cross-section / number of simultaneously connected wires to terminals Up to 2,5 mm2 / 1
Diameter of through-holes for load conductors 8 mm
Discrete output of load control 250 V, 5 А
Analog output of load control 0...10 V
Impulse output for solid state load control relay 24 V
Discrete alarm output 250 V, 5 А
Number of discrete inputs 4
Number of measuring temperature channels 1
Type of sensors See the table “Types of sensors”
Temperature measurement range −100 ... +500 °C
Accuracy of measurements 0,5 °С
Operating temperature range −40 ... +50 °C
Mounting type DIN-rail 35 mm
Degree of protection IP20
Dimensions (W×H×D), mm 55×109×110
Weight, g 500
Service life Not less than 10 years