Precipitation Sensors TSP02, TSP03-D


  • Installation on a vertical wall (TSP02)
  • Installation in screed (TSP03-D)
Product Datasheet

Application Areas

Snow and ice prevention on open area heating systems and roof and gutters


The precipitation sensor is designed to determine the presence of precipitation on a heated surface. The sensors are designed for use with architectural heating systems. If the sensor detects water, the contacts in the connected thermostat will be closed. In combination with a temperature sensor, an energy-efficient use of the heating system is ensured.

  • Installation on a vertical wall (TSP02)
  • Installation in screed (TSP03-D)
Technical Data
Type of sensor TSP02 TSP03-D
Dimensions (W×H×D) 110×210×160 (with bracket) 100×95×95
Supply voltage 36 VAC, 50 Hz 36 VAC, 50 Hz
Rated power 3,5 W 10 W
Operating temperature range −40 ... +50 °C −40 ... +50 °C
Length of the installation wire 3 m 3 m
Max. sensor distance from the controller 100 m 100 m
Compatible with thermostat type PTM-2000 PTM-2000