Electronic Temperature Controller РТ-300

Electronic Temperature Controller РТ-300


  • Easy operation
  • Small size
  • Max. switching capacity 8 A
Product Datasheet

Application Areas

Freeze protection of pipelines and vessel


Electronic Temperature Controller РТ-300

The electronic temperature controller is designed to maintain the temperature in the set range.

PT-300 is used in general-purpose industrial electric heating systems of pipelines and tanks, in de-icing systems, as well as for maintaining a positive temperature in control cabinets within the set temperature range. The required temperature range corresponds to the selected pre-programmed TST04 temperature sensor.

The sensor is programmed at the factory and cannot be reprogrammed.

The regulator, in conjunction with the connected temperature sensor TST04, maintains the temperature according to the factory setting and does not require any settings for installation and operation.

The on/off button allows to switch off the heating system when it is not needed.

  • Easy operation
  • Small size
  • Max. switching capacity 8 A
  • Maintenance of set temperature without additional adjustments
  • Indication of power and heating status
  • Parameter storage in non-volatile memory
  • Relay changeover contact
Technical Data
Temperature setting range set by sensor TST04
Supply voltage ~220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 0,5 W
Dimensions 35×90×68 mm
Weight 100 g
Operating temperature +5 ... +45 °C
Relative humidity 80 %
Degree of protection IP20
Mounting type DIN rail, 2 modules
Type of temperature sensor* TST04
Maximum sensor distance from the controller up to 100 m
Number of temperature measurement channels 1
Number of control channels 1
Switching capacity 8 A
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.5 °C

* The sensor is not included in the scope of supply and must be ordered separately.