Metal Overjacket Industrial Cable MOIC-F

Metal Overjacket Industrial Cable MOIC-F


  • Operating temperature up to 800 °C
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Ex-approved solution
Product Datasheet

Application Areas

  • Temperature maintenance in non-hazardous and ex-hazardous areas, extra-high thermal conditions, chemically aggressive environments

High temperature metal overjacket industrial cable for heating of pipelines, vessels and process equipment.

Heating cable MOIC is specially designed to be an effective and reliable solution where high operating temperature to be maintained when thermal conditions are high (for example, for heating of bitumen facilities and pipelines).

Due to high thermal stability of the fiberglass insulation, MOIC cable can be used where outer jacket temperature reaches up to 800 °C.

MIC cable has an excellent mechanical strength and high corrosion stability, it is fire-resistant and safe in operation and can be used in corrosive environments and explosion hazardous areas.

Correct calculation of the electrical heating system power output makes it possible to use the cable in a wide temperature range.

The cable is supplied as ready-made sections. The section consists of the heating cable, connection couplings, installation wires, cable entries and flexible installation wires.

  • Operating temperature up to 800 °C
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Ex-approved solution
  • Can be used in chemically agressive and corrosive environments
  • Wide range of controls and accessories
Technical Data
Maximum exposure temperature:
for MOIC FBH series
for MOIC FBL series
800 °C
350 °C
Minimum installation temperature −70 °C
Rated voltage  Up to 400 VAC
Maximum power output 300 W/m
Minimal bending radius:
for plain overjacket cable
for corrugated overjacket cable
40 mm
30 mm

  1. Resistive heating wire
  2. Fiberglass insulation
  3. Steel braid